Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In order to respond to points of uncertainty, we have collected the questions we receive most often into a Q&A. Before submitting an inquiry, please check our FAQ page first.
How many fertilizer components does human urine contain?
Total nitrogen…about 6,400 mg/L (mostly ammoniacal nitrogen)
Total phosphorus…about 300 mg/L
Potassium…about 2,000 mg/L.
How long does it take to clean (purify) the human urine from bio-toilet?
Though it depends on how dirty the urine is, 5 L of raw urine is diluted 5-fold, and the 25 L sum takes about 8 hours.
Do the fertilizer components of purified urine fertilizer fluctuate?
Total nitrogen decreases about 4%.
Total phosphorus does not fluctuate.
Potassium decreases about 9%.
Do you sell urine fertilizer (purified urine)?
It is under development at present, but we do not sell it currently.
We plan to sell it in the future.
Do you have any cultivation results from using urine fertilizer?
We do not have results for field usage.
However, the Japan Fertilizer & Feed Inspection Association (JFFIA) conducted a fertilizer test. The test was on Japanese mustard spinach, and as the photos below show, it was every bit as effective as chemical fertilizer with the same components.
* Photos from left, “no fertilizer,” “chemical fertilizer,” “human urine fertilizer”
Test period: Feb. 15-Mar. 15, 2021 (1 month)
Do you accept technology provisions for bio-plants?
That would require further discussion, but technology provisions are possible. Please contact us through the Contact page.