Opening up the future with people and technology.
Aiming for
a sustainable future.

Our vision

ING Holdings is
working to make a
sustainable society
a reality by
developing bio-plants.
A variety of problems currently weigh on humanity.
The mass depletion of resources, explosive population growth and food problems, and increasing global warming. Humans’ insatiable activity has begun to sway the fate of the world. The work we undertake is “an escape from the mass depletion of resources,” in other words, from the perspective that is impossible to continue using chemical fertilizers forever, to break free of the notion that urine is trash, and can be transformed into a beneficial resource (fertilizer), which we think is tied to aiming for a sustainable future. It would be no exaggeration to say the success or failure of that holds the fate of the world in its hands.
In order to make “a sustainable future” a reality, we undertake agribusiness and advance the development of bio-plants.


ING’s philosophy
for working toward making a sustainable society a reality



Urine purification technology